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Finding your dream job anonymous, for free and without any recruiter spam in your inbox. It is possible with the Magisco app!


Stay Anonymous

No more annoying spam from head hunters and recruiters until you decide to have your profile exposed to a company of your choice.

Soft skills Matching

Great opportunities that lie ahead of you

Job postings from companies that match your profile based on your soft skills.


Save Time and Energy

Within ten minutes you’ll be able to apply for jobs at companies that fit your profile (no more time wasting)

The same everywhere..

Nowadays recruitment is the same everywhere. You’re getting attractive offers simply because you have the right education and work experience. However, companies and recruiters are forgetting one thing: research is indicating that most of these requirements are irrelevant if you’re not in the right place!


Leaves a company within the first year because they don’t feel that they’re in the right place.

Are you familiar with one of the following situations?

  • You have a decent salary, but you don’t quite feel that you’re in the right place. Money is just not enough for you to feel satisfied. After all, you spend most of your week at work.
  • Companies are posting vacancies and you notice them passing by every day, but you’re not sure if you would fit into their organizational culture.
  • Recruiters are spamming you and trying to place you without really investigating in what’s best for you on a personal level.

This is why Magisco is doing it differently..

Regardless of whether there’s a good offer among all these messages, you’re probably not interested in reading them anymore. At the same time, in the midst of all that noise, there might be just that perfect job that you’re looking for.. A job that you might like way more than the one you’re having right now.

That’s exactly why we’re having a different approach:

  • You will remain anonymous until you decide to make the first step and contact a company. You are in command this time :-)
  • Maggy (our secretary) makes sure to offer you a well selected amount of companies that are matched up with you based on your soft skills. Those companies will still require more regular hard skills such as education and work experience, but the initial spark that connected you in the first place - was created - because of who you are and your personal preferences instead.

Hence our slogan:

IT’s connecting, not recruiting

Meet Maggy van Magisco

Maggy is the all-round matchmaker from Magisco. After downloading the Magisco app, she helps you create a personal profile that fits you perfectly.

Yes, it is and will be free.