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Maggy matching
Find IT-talents

Delivers the right


IT-talents will come to your company instead.


Much cheaper than headhunters

More than 50% cheaper. No more additional costs.

Soft skills Matching

Connecting on the basis of soft skills

A good match, based on personality in relation with organizational culture. Satisfied employee has a higher work productivity and stays longer.

Nowadays it’s not easy to find IT professionals. Many of them are being spammed by headhunters and recruitment agencies every day and they are fed up with the amount of impersonal messages in their inbox.

IT professionals are now becoming more reluctant to even read the amount of messages they’re receiving. The old way of recruiting is not working anymore. And that's a huge problem:

  • Companies are wasting time
  • IT-Talents are irritated

We need to revolutionize our approach and build a more humane model that can connect IT talents with organizations. 


of all offers coming from headhunters and recruitment agencies are being ignored.

Herken je 1 (of meer) van onderstaande 3 problemen?


IT-talents are hard to find

Do you know that there are more than you now think?


Headhunters are
too expensive

We think that this kind of  recruitment now belongs to the past


IT-talenten do not fit well into the organisation

Due to poor assessment of one’s personalities in relation with organizational cultures.

We can help

At Magisco, we are doing it different..

If you’re looking for the right people that fit well to your company, you will have to trigger them in the right way.

This is exactly what we aim to do at Magisco. You won’t have to look for the right people anymore, because now, they will come to you instead. Magisco has made it possible for IT talents to find, select, browse anonymously, and ultimately, find what they desire most. 

When an IT talent makes the first step and approaches a company instead - it’s usually based on a gut feeling that’s created by their perception of a company’s organizational culture, policies, and general ambiance. This way of creating a ‘pull factor’ will have two major advantages:

  • There is a genuine mutual interest and IT talents are not just coming over because of an attractive offer (no waste of time).
  • The company-employee compatibility is guaranteed to be bigger and the chance of a real match is much higher.

Vind IT'ers die écht een passende match zijn

Bedrijven van alle soorten en maten vertrouwen Magisco in hun zoektocht naar hun IT'ers 


Hence our slogan:

IT’s connecting, not recruiting

How it works?

How Magisco works
How Magisco works

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