Are you familiar with that same old story…?

Many companies are looking for IT professionals, but they’re too hard to find. Headhunters are therefore spamming IT professionals on a daily basis..

It’s not just a story.

We at Magisco realize that there’s a need for change in recruitment.

About Magisco

Magisco is now doing it the opposite way

Work will fill up most of our lives. This is why it’s so important to find work that is truly meaningful to us. But what does that mean exactly?

We believe that you need to ‘feel’ that you’re in the right place and truly believe that you’re part of something. This is why Magisco connects people mostly on the basis of soft skills (organizational culture, social skills and preferences).

It’s hard to determine in advance if you’re a good match with a company. Usually you learn that the inside of a company is different from what it claimed to be when you first shook hands with a headhunter or recruiter. Most of the soft skills of a company, start appearing after a while, maybe after half a year of working somewhere.

We believe that these soft skills, however, these criteria, should be outlined at the very beginning. In fact, we believe that they are the most important factors that connects people. 

Maggy matching

What used to be impossible - has now been made possible.

Through new methods - we are solving a problem. This innovative way of connecting people makes it possible to create a win-win for both companies and IT talents.


The win for

The IT talent

  • Pulls the strings and decides whether it is a match or not;
  • Stays anonymous until a match is created (no more spam);
  • You don’t waste your time going to meetings at companies that don’t match well with you.
Maggy handshake

The win for

The organization

  • Doesn’t have to pay a high commission fees